Tuesday, 16 March 2021

How To Stop Your Floor Squeaking

 If you are being troubled by a squeaky or a creaky floor, you won't need anybody to remind just how annoying it can be. Squeaky and laminate floors at the daytime are something, but squeaky, laminate flooring during the night may disrupt a whole family's sleep, particularly if one or more members of the family need to walk across the offending boards to get to the loo!

Normally, the reason behind a creaky floor is just two planks rubbing together. No matter whether your flooring is solid wood or engineered, in case there are just two boards rubbing together, the likelihood is they're likely to re grow and, or creak. That said, there's some evidence to indicate that thicker flooring boards are somewhat less vulnerable to squeaking and creaking than thinner boards.

Since wood is a natural material, even once it's been laid (even well laid), it is subject to motion. The overall look of the strange squeak or creak doesn't automatically indicate that there has been a problem with the setup of your flooring; it generally means your flooring has gone through the normal process of contracting and expanding. During this procedure, two boards might have moved ever so slightly more than the rest and are currently rubbing against each other when walked over to make the squeaking or creaking noise that's bothering you (and maybe even keeping your family awake at night)!

While you will never have the ability to eliminate every little squeak and creak in your floor, in case there are important squeaks and creaks you want to get rid of, these can typically be solved quickly and easily on a DIY basis.

What you have to do is ask your wood flooring provider or DIY shop for graphite powder. Graphite powder is an industrial lubricant that will help lessen the squeaking and creaking out of your floor. Once you have your graphite powder, then simply sprinkle it on the joints of the flooring boards which are squeaking or creaking and then walk down and up the boards a couple of days to encourage it to fall into the joint. Once the graphite powder has fallen into the joints, it will help lubricate the boards so they can continue to rub together but neither squeak nor creak while doing so. Once you're happy you have a fantastic sprinkling of the graphite powder in the offending joint, then vacuum up the remaining powder.

Monday, 3 February 2020

2020 Hardwood Flooring Trends to Watch For

Since 2020 is wrap up, it is a good time to begin looking towards the new calendar year. Who does not love the feeling of starting new with a new calendar year? The flooring styles for the upcoming year reacts with this! The concept of a bright fresh home is what we are referring to!


These cable brushed textured finishes aren't exceptional to 2020, but we'll continue to observe these on the upswing. We detect people craving which"lived-in" feel and look as if it comes to your hardwood floors. Obtaining a hardwood flooring which will have the ability to manage to your way of life, while looking magnificent in your next get together is on peak of the listing!


We discovered a high demand for neutral tones throughout the last few weeks of 2020. Deciding on a muted neutral tone helps to create a gorgeous canvas throughout your property. It also provides the opportunity to add pops of colour throughout your area, whether it's via paint colours or special accessories. Additionally, natural wood tones and attributes are something to keep your eye on. Subtle variant, unique knots and personality, and warm tones seem amazing with sharp finishes if you are going for a farmhouse inside.

P.s - These neutrals flooring options are super easy to wash and take care of..how could these not be online fad?


Muted gray tones will continue to keep strong throughout 2020, particularly on species such as white oak, hickory and walnut hardwood floors. The muted gray tones together with beautiful wood grains and personality, creates a very unique looking hardwood flooring for your property. The subtle variant throughout planks helps to give visual interest while staying muted enough to allow your personal style shine through. Monochromatic and simplicity will continue to keep strong throughout 2020.


Adding rustic components throughout your house with your hardwood floors will last to become a personal favorite. Choosing wide plank hardwood flooring, cable brushed textured coatings and finishes and personality set the tone during your area. We can not help but adore letting the flooring speak for themselves at almost any area! Adding circular saw marks or group saw marks include some distinctive visual interest and also help attain this"lived-in" appearance that's sought after. We have notice clients need a look that's less than"ideal" and this will certainly attain that.


We have noticed a major shift throughout 2020 that will continue to carry through 2020 and hopefully
forever. Having a floor that's low maintenance and easy to care for is a chart topper for Client's flooring want list! Realistically, nobody wants to spend daily cleaning their hardwood floors , and want to be able to sit back and unwind without seeing every speck of dirt & dust in their own hardwood flooring. Deciding on a light stain colour along with a textured finish is going to be your best buddy if you're searching for low maintenance.


Together with your hardwood floors being a significant investment and buy for your dream house, it's just natural that you wish to make sure that your flooring may deal with the way you live. We have noticed a significant change in customers searching for a flooring which will have the ability to deal with the wear and tear of daily life. Whether you've got pets, children, or will be the go-to for hosting special occasions, we have got you covered. Going with personality, knots, mild tones, and cable brushed finishes will provide you the durability you're searching for.

What about you - What trends are you enjoying for 2020?